Giving Back

GDC Preview Center

Our founders, who are natives of WNC, are third generation business owners. For this reason, they understand and believe that giving back to the local community is more than just employing local residents.  It is also important to use the services of local vendors whenever possible,  to support the public education system and local sports teams; and to support non profits that are doing work in the communities where their businesses are located and where their employees live. 

Our management team and employees are active in many non profits, coach sports teams and volunteer time to projects that help the community prosper and grow. 

We believe that communities are stronger when businesses support other businesses and when they support their community.

Both GDC Preview Center and Grand Resort Travel (located in Batesville Arkansas) accepts requests for financial support for local charities throughout the year. To make a request for an in kind donation or financial cash donations less than $3000.00, mail your written request to anytime to:

GDC Preview Center

336 Rockwood Road Suite 107

Arden, NC 28704

For requests of donations in excess of $3000.00, we accept letters of intent from January 1 through August 31 of each year for the following year. Requests are now open for 2020.

This quarter's Non Profit is Creative Peacemakers. The teenage son of one of our founding members volunteers with this organization. Currently most of our staff is volunteer, but they would very much like to find a part-time teacher to pay a small stipend so that the Director could spend more hands on time with the children.  

For more information about Creative Peacemakers, visit them online at:

‚ÄčCreative Peacemakers